How Long Does a Brain CT Scan Take?

CT scan is a comfortable procedure that does not take a long time. The actual procedure of putting a patient on the CT scan table and positioning the head right for the scan takes time. The process of letting the patient slide into the cylindrical tube and scaning of the brain, does not take more than fifteen seconds. However, even with advanced technology, the processing of the images take time, bringing the avearge time of the whole process to aroud 30 minutes.

CT Scan use X Rays during the scan. Therefore do not be surprised if you are asked to take off your jwellery and accessories before the procedure. In fact when you take your appointment for a brain CT scan, your imaging center will advise you to take off all your jwellery before coming in for a brain scan.

It may be good to know that though CT Scans use X -rays.

The number of rays used in this procedure is way more than the ones used on X rays.

1. CT scan of the brain may be done with or without contrast. The execution of the procedure depends on the doctors advise. If it is a contrast CT scan that you have been advised then be prepared for a special dye to be administered through IV or intravenous injection. You will also be required to drink the contrast dye. For CT scans of the brain it is usually a double contrast study.

2. One of the after effects faced by patients is the metallic taste in the mouth after the dye is ingested. Feeling a warm flush is also normal with the contrast dye being administered.

3. However, be sure to let your imaging center know if you have other health complications or conditions, People with kindney problems face a lot after a contrast CT scan.

4. Even diabetic patients must let the imagining center know of their condition. Being allergic is another condition that an imaging center must be made aware of.

5. For contrast CT scans in general, patient's are advised to fast. When it is about scanning the brain, and the need for the procedure is to use a double contrast, patients will be advised 4 to 6 hours fasting prior to the scan. .

6. Brain CT scans will also require a patient to change into a medical gown. At regular intervals during the process you might be asked to hold your breath as well.

Advancement in medical technology has made diagnosis of ailments easier. Though pain and diseases can be managed now fairly well, enahncement of imaging centers, technologically, is one of the primary contributors towards slashing the time taken for diagnosis.

One of the best advice for anyone getting a CT scan is to check for the best imaging center in the area. This will mean checking for experienced radiologists with the center with the latest equipment.

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